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Laminated Tops

Step 1 / Required – Prep and Prime
Clean surface thoroughly. Using a roller, brush or appropriate spray equipment, prime with a top quality latex primer/sealer.
Step 2 / Required – Apply ACI Multi-color
Using suitable HVLP spray equipment, spray apply ACI Multi-color in one step, cross hatching surface to achieve full-coat coverage and a smooth, even application. See detailed ACI Multi-color Spray Equipment Guidelines.
Step 3 / Optional – Apply Clear Topcoat
Apply 2 to 3 coats of high performance, clear protective topcoat such as ACI Multi-color MCT. First coat will seal ACI Multi-color to facilitate subsequent cleaning. Second and third coats will enhance durability and/or impart more gloss. MCT is available in a low sheen finish, well-suited for interior walls.
For best results when applying ACI Multi-color over new unpainted drywall, first apply Universal Primer. New drywall is often manufactured from recycled materials containing ink, which can bleed out and stain or discolor ACI Multi-color.
Allow individual coats to dry thoroughly before recoating.
Follow manufacturer’s detailed label instructions and application guidelines for coatings, equipment and tools.
For a textured finish; roller apply ACI Multi-color. Refer to roller application guidelines.

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